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The Miraculous bell (Чудесный колокольчик), 1949
The Miraculous bell (Чудесный колокольчик), 1949

The Miraculous bell (Чудесный колокольчик), 1949

On the motives of Russian national fairy tales The malicious stepmother orders to the old man to bring his daughter Mashenka to the wood. In the wood Masha gets into the house of the Bear. He orders to Masha to play with him blind man’s buff. The small mousy helps to Masha to deceive the Bear and to run away.

Directed by - Zinaida Brumberg, Valentina Brumberg
Produced by - Soyuzmultfilm
Written by - Zinaida Filimonova, Maro Yerzinkyan
Starring - T. Tsyganok, G. Novozhilova, V. Bendina, Alexandra Denissova, Michael Yanshin, V. Gotovtsev
Music by - V. Oransky
Cinematography - Nikolai Vohinov
Release dates - 1949
Running time -19 minutes 16 seconds
Country - Soviet Union
Original language - Russian

Чудесный колокольчик (The Miraculous bell), 1949 - cartoon in Russian with English subtitles


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